Wednesday, March 14, 2007

SharePoint 2003 server upgrade to MOSS2007

This Upgrade approach can be used in multiple cases as: test upgrade, moving to new hardware upgrade and basically in any other case. To use the approach you need to have virtual server with Sharepoint 2003 installation.
  1. VS SPS 2003 should be exactly patched as production one.
  2. Same SQL database server can be used, but if database server is different - it should be patched as production one.


  1. Backup production SPS 2003
  2. Restore backuped databases to a SQL server under different name - if you will use same SQL server for the process.
  3. On VS SPS 2003 install post sp2 hotfix to get databaserepair option for stsadm.
  4. Run stsadm -o databserepair on all virtual servers content databases, command line will be like "stsam -o databaserepair -url -databasename sps_site". . In my cases I did not have any orphane objects, I beliave if you do - you need to fix the database.
  5. Do not use full-text index on any database, if an index exists - delete the index file and disable the indexing on the database (database properties - files option).
  6. Run prescan.exe tool from MOSS2007 installation CD, run as: "prescan.exe /all" any other option so far gave me an error like something wrong with uri.
  7. Fix any error, if you run prescan - failed, but if you will run MOSS2007 installation without fixing errors it can give you more specific error log.
  8. After main upgrade finished you need to check sharepoint timer service - it should be running, and if you have WSS V2 sites very possble you will need to run "psconfig -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -wait -force" from "\...\12\bin" to finish provisioning SSP(s)

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