Thursday, June 25, 2009

Clustering Print services on Windows 2008.

In case, if you need to install additional drivers on the shared printer:

1. On any one of the clients machine running 32-bit OS
2. Download the 32-bit driver for the printer. The driver name should be same as Windows 2008 driver, if it is not the case, the printer driver inf file should be edited under Vendor section, for example [HP] or [Brother] to name the printer exactly as Windows 2008 driver named.
3. Access the print server \\PrintserverName\Printers
4. Open the printer required to add the 32-bit driver
5. If needed, install the downloaded driver.
6. Go to properties
7. Sharing Tab
8. Additional drivers
9. Check the box for x86 for windows 2000,windows xp and windows 2003
10. Click OK.

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