Monday, July 20, 2009

Powershell Hyper-V

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"these 2 links should help.

you can set the reg to unrestricted but set it back later..

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


unzip the file.. say to z:\
the open powershell command
cd z:\
PS Z:\>
type . .\hyperv.ps1

notice the dot+space+dot+slash.

snippets.. from the links..

try to call . .\hyperv.ps1 ftom the folder the zip was extraced to. notice the dot+space+dot+slash.

Powershell Tip #1

In Powershell, type $profile.

PS C:\Program Files\Microsoft\AxFuzzer> $profile

That points to where your profile is stored at. This is a powershell script that executes upon the start up of any powershell prompt for the current user. Go ahead and make the file. In my case, I made a new file at the location by typing this:

new-item $profile -itemtype file -force

Now, open the file and you can put in things like this:
set-executionpolicy unrestricted
set-executionpolicy remotesigned

Every new powershell prompt that you"

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