Thursday, September 24, 2009

Microsoft FTP 7.5

The task was to create a FTP service for non-active directory users:
  1. Users have rights for all directories from the root down.
  2. Users have access only isolated directories under root.
  1. Use windows 2008 sp 2 VM on Hyper-V
  2. IIS 7.0
  3. FTP 7.5
  4. IIS Manager Authentication
  5. FTP Virtual Host Names
  6. FTP User Isolation - "User Name directory (disable global virtual directories)
  1. Do not forget to change security for "Network services" account (ref.3)
  2. Created 3 FTP sites - one for global access (ref.5) needed to enable IE connection, second for non separated FTP and third for isolated users.
  3. In IE7 and 8 you can use "Open FTP site in Windows Explorer" option under "Page", but you will need authenticate second time.
  4. To authenticate you need to type user name as pointed in (ref.4) - "|username" or with (ref.4) "\username". The authentiacation will take place after connection to the global FTP site (ref.5).
  5. Regular FTP clients can connect directly using "Virtual host names".
FTP certificate should be chosen on IIS 7.0 server level:

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