Thursday, June 28, 2012

SharePoint 2010 FBA Login and SSL

The problem was - users don't want to chose options in between FBA login and NTLM login.
First: User who is FBA user should see only FBA Login dialog and AD users want to login transparently, then they on LAN and already authenticated.
Second: Then you login using standard SharePoint FBA login page, it shows you red alert about - user name and password will be send in clear text over the connection.
  1. Instead creating AAM we need to extend web application:
    1. For example - create a web application with CBA (Claim Based Authentication) with NTLM and FBA providers. - name it MYTEST on port 80 - http://mytest . It will be default zone.
    2. Give at least  one FBA user full access to the site. Extend the web application as on port 80 with only FBA providers. It will be Extranet zone.
  1. For configuring SSL access (to remove red alert from FBA login page):
    1. Go to AAM collection for the web application and edit to
    1. Add binding in IIS to https (you need to link Public SSL certificate to
    1. For the certificate - Wild card certificate can be used.

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